Dead Ringers: Sorry, I don't like you!

Posted in Opinions & Rants on July, 06 2003 11:24 PM

On Monday night, they are back for a another series of predictibility, user-friendly humour and the same kind of impression show that can't be bothered to add a surreal twist. I'm sorry if that sounds a little harsh, but any comedy praised by the Daily Mail, puts me off, slightly. Impressions shows, to my mind, have become a bit boring, afterall it uses one of the most simplest forms of comedy (putting a well known person in a situation they shouldn't be in). If Culshaw is such a brilliant comedian, why doesn't he create charachters. Steve Coogan started out as an impressionist, but used his skills to create his family of alter-egos such as Alan Partridge.

I think it is my dis-like of Culshaws persona, that puts me off the whole idea of the sub-genre. Everytime he appears on talk-shows or quizzes, the man always relies on his "talent" as an impressionist, relentlessly boring the audience and ridiculing himself. There was one occasion, when he appeared on Never Mind the buzzcocks, he was so blind on his own self-satisfaction that it was impossible not to take the piss! as Mark Llamar and the others did. And with his "George Bush" is he trying to establish himself as an intellectual, political comedy hero? I'm afraid, Culshaw, Bill Hicks did the political thing a long time a go, with balls! god bless him, shame on you Jono!

I could rant all day, if i'd wanted to, but I can't deny the show has been successful and recieved acclaim, from various outlets. I'm just a bit worried that the impressions shows will not evolve and we'll end up paying our liscence fee for the same old yorn for the next twenty years!


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