Canned Ham

Posted in Other & Misc on March, 14 2004 12:32 PM

Canned Ham is a new UK comedy site which describes itself as being "written by a trio bound by fate to try and entertain the general public, whilst secretly loathing them at the same time". A ...
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Posted in Other & Misc on September, 21 2003 1:55 PM

Very simple concept this one.  For those of you who hand over money to people for pointless products or services, or phone premium rate numbers becuase you have been 'personally selected by ...
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Team Fishcake Cyber Sanitorium

Posted in Other & Misc on June, 10 2003 8:19 PM

One doesn't normally associate frozen reconsituted fish products with comedy (except the Birdseye 240g Pack of Breaded Halibut, which apperently does a blistering topical stand-up set).  Ho ...
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Nigel Blinman

Posted in Other & Misc on May, 23 2003 12:15 AM

Who is Nigel Blinman?  Well, to be honest, after reading this site we're not entirely sure (but it's probably not too important in the grand scheme of things anyway*). The pre-text of th ...
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Quotations Page

Posted in Other & Misc on May, 13 2003 5:14 PM

People love to quote. People are very quotable, especially if they're famous. This site makes a large collection of such quotes, ranging from serious advice through to comedy moments of the high ...
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The Matrix Humour Archive

Posted in Other & Misc on February, 13 2003 10:17 PM

Sadly, nothing to do with poking fun at Keanu Reeves, but instead an archive of over 500 articles split up into "Lists", "Stories" and "Misc" categories. There is a seemingly never ending resevoir ...
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Stand Up If You Hate The Mags

Posted in Other & Misc on February, 13 2003 10:15 PM

Is football your life? If so, or even if you are just an average fan, this site could be your dream or your worst nightmare. It really depends on who you support. You'll find stacks of footy jokes ...
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The Fart Farm

Posted in Other & Misc on February, 13 2003 10:14 PM

As much as my sense of righteousness tells me to steer clear of this "humourous look at farting" it does deserve a mention. Listen to the varying types of fart in "The Fart Shop", read farting-poe ...
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