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Posted in Other & Misc on June, 10 2003 8:19 PM

One doesn't normally associate frozen reconsituted fish products with comedy (except the Birdseye 240g Pack of Breaded Halibut, which apperently does a blistering topical stand-up set).  However, Team Fishcake may just be the exception that proves the exception.

Upon arriving at this site you are immediately bombarded with a mosiac of links to Team Fishcakes Articles, Sketches and miscellaneous pieces of utter insanity.  The site is not very clearly structured, so navigating through the material can be a bit of an adventure.  But that really does not matter, when you are reading comedy material of this quality, some of which can only be described as comedy genius.

Although a small amount of the material can be a bit hit or miss, or just strangely surreal, it is made up for with such brilliant pieces as "Midlands Politically Correct Examinations Board", found under the Satire section.

This site is definately worth a visit, followed by another few visits.

Rating: 9/10

(Site contains some very strong language).


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