Birthday Drag

Posted in Other News on June, 17 2006 10:07 PM

With Jennifer Aniston currently in the UK promoting her latest film, The Break-Up, with co-star and new beau Vince Vaughn, she is obviously going to miss out on any events happening in her home country.

One of those events happens to have been the birthday of co-Friend and close friend Courteney Cox-Arquette.

Unable to pass on her good wishes in person on Thursday for the 42nd year celebration and not wishing to look as though she had forgotten, Aniston decided to hire the services of the next best person she could think of.

A male, Rachel Green, lookalike.

Aniston said, "I made it up to her by sending a trannie impersonator of Rachel.

"He can cheer anyone up."

Now, there's a script for an episode of Friends if ever I heard one.

Disclaimer: The photo above is not of the "trannie impersonator" as mentioned but some other Jennifer Aniston (supposed) lookalike.


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