Cox: Docs, Coco's Pops

Posted in Other News on July, 11 2006 6:27 PM

Friends star, Courteney Cox, has a double headliner this week. Both for repeat performances, so to speak.

First up is the unfortunate news that she's having a spot of bother getting her head around getting old. Apparently, the 42 year-old, can't handle the dirt that is dished out with the ageing process.

She said, "It's hard getting older; it's hard not to be the young one anymore, to see your face chance, your skin change, and not judge it."

And because poor old Courteney couldn't possibly have to go through all that by herself she has gone back into psychotherapy, "to start nurturing myself."

Right. I always thought that one of the perks of being rich and famous was the ease at which one could battle against the ravages of time and stay perky. Also, I think it's probably more of a revelation to discover an American starlet NOT in psychotherapy for any period of time.

Anyway, possibly linked to this nurturing neurosis is her and husband David Arquette's desire for a second child.

The process was a tad complicated for the couple until the birth of 'Kellogg's' Coco Cox but they are eager to create a sibling.

Cox has stated that although conception plans aren't exactly a priority right now - perhaps they should be as she's not getting any younger - she will go down the IVF route again and has even started with the blood tests.

"It drives you crazy with hormones," she said. Hence the need for psychotherapy, one would imagine.

Perhaps they could call their next child Rocko Cox and go on tour as the first family Dr Seuss show. Although David Arquette would be letting the side down a bit.


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