Davidson BANKRUPT!!!

Posted in Other News on July, 07 2006 12:05 AM

Paragon of the art of virtuous comedy, Jim Davidson, has had shame fall upon his house.

His house in Dubai, that is, which is where he lives.

For, because of unpaid debts to Revenue & Customs, he has now been declared as BANKRUPT!!!

Davidson came a cropper four years ago when his tax bill came in at a whopping £1.4m. Unfortunately, due to the expense of the divorce from his wife at the time, Tracy Hilton, he was unable to stump up the cash he owed.

On top of that he found his annual wage plummet quite considerably when he 'quit' his BBC primetime slot, The Generation Game, which made the repayment of an agreed £400,000 a year that bit more difficult.

He was forced to hit the road and has been performing across the country for the last two years but had to quit. Probably because even he was getting bored of listening to himself.

Having finally whittled the arrears down to about £700,000, HM Revenue & Customs decided to call it quits and slap the mighty BANKRUPT hammer down on him.

Davidson is, understandably, upset by the decision and stated to the BBC News website, "This is kind of a shock to me."
"The tax man has, for reasons best known to himself, pulled the rug out from under my feet."

"I am still pretty solvent. I just can't pay £700,000 right now."

Apparently that evil entity known as 'the tax man' refused to be lenient when Davidson offered to sell everything he had to pay the bill. Refused to give the 'comedian' a 12 month stay of execution. Unfairly rejected his final offer of a one-off payment of £450,000.

Perhaps if he hadn't been such an arse his wife wouldn't have left him, he'd still be on the telly, he could've paid his dues and we wouldn't have been subjected to his 'cheeky chappy' grin plastered over tour posters for the last two years.

Oh yeah, and he wouldn't have been declared BANKRUPT!!!

Despite everything being his own fault Davidson still felt aggrieved and stated, "The tax man has forced me into this position - that's why I feel angry rather than sad and disappointed."

Yeah, naughty tax man, huh?


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