Scary Murphy

Posted in Other News on July, 12 2006 2:23 PM

It's nearly a year since Eddie Murphy and wife, Nicole, separated under 'irreconcilable differences' and three months since their divorce was finalised. It looks like Murphy has put it all behind him and moved on.

The couple had been married for thirteen years and have five children, of whom, have been a contentious issue during the divorce proceedings. But not only did Murphy demand the children have no contact with his ex's new beau, he also wanted their pre-nup agreement enforced so as to protect his real estate - worth approximately $50 million - and, of course, his multi-million film salary.

With the dirty business concluded the current story circulating the media is that Murphy has been romantically seeing Melanie Brown, nee Mel B, for a few weeks.

Brown moved out to LA last year with hopes of launching herself a successful solo artist and also with plans of writing her own style Sex And The City TV show. The pair were introduced to each other by mutual friends and, not a month down the line, the rumours go that they have had matching tattoos of their names done.

'Donkey' and 'Scary'?


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