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Posted in Parody on February, 08 2004 6:47 PM

Garth MarenghiIn the 1980's the horror writing  genius and self confessed "sooth" Garth Marenghi penned a ground-breaking series of tele-plays.  Of the 64 episodes written, only 50 managed to make it into production during the two-month filming.  Marenghi's aim was simple: "To change the evolutionary course of mankind over a series of half-hour episodes".  However, Merenghi claims that his series was too ground-breaking, and too shocking for the public, and for the past twenty years direct government intervention prevented the shows from ever seeing the light of day.  That is, until now. is the official website of Garth Marenghi.  The site is delivered entirely in character, and not only covers the recently released horror series 'Darkplace', but also includes details on Garths back-catalogue of ground-breaking books.  Books like "The Ooze (can water die?)" and "Black Fang" (and book in which rats actually drive buses!)

As well as Merchandise and Interviews, readers of the site also get to have their questions answered by Garth in the "Things that you have said that I have replied to" section.

Never before has spoof horror been delivered so well, then put into a website.


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