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Posted in Parody on September, 14 2003 5:45 PM

TheSpoof is an up and coming online spoof and satirical news magazine. All the stories and articles on TheSpoof can be written by anyone, and reader submitting articles are assisted by an easy-to-use online editing centre.

Although TheSpoof is mainly spoof news oriented, there are also spoof celebrity diaries, including such a-class celebrities as Jeremy Beadle and Richard Madely. There is also a caption competition which is updated regularly, and also spoof horoscopes.

There is a discussion forum on TheSpoof where our writers can discuss their work, and visitors can have their say. Forum discussion however is generally just friendly banter.

TheSpoof has a mailing list so you can receive all the top headlines straight to your inbox. The site is updated 24x7, dedicated to dishing up fresh spoof news daily.

The website is completely not-for-profit. It is purely run for the enjoyment of the writers (and of course the readers).

So if you are interested in reading good comedy, writing good comedy (and/or any combination of the two) this site is definately worth a visit.


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