Can you see Jesus

Posted in Funny Pictures on December, 16 2006 5:05 AM

The image of Jesus appears in the form of, er, I don't remember that in the Bible


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4148 days ago JoHaywood posted

Aaaaahaaah! Brilliant..this calls for a celebration of DAWIN knew all along that life began within beastly foreplay...

4108 days ago touchtheearthj posted

This is a pic of my dog - we are truly blessed in our family!

4070 days ago love posted

Have a better look asshole, you can see your mom and dad there.

3508 days ago kinnykoo posted

That is really cool but it is not a good thing for u to but jesus in a dogs butt thats not right!!!!!!!!

3413 days ago linda281290 posted

Very impressive article. I have read each and every point and found it very interesting

3355 days ago NapraviPariSega posted

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3331 days ago PageWatts posted

this confirms my syuspicionmjs all along, there's a line thinner than thin when pornography and religion come face to face

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