Church Innuendo

Posted in Funny Pictures on August, 19 2004 5:15 PM

A sign outside a baptist church that can be easily misconstrued to mean something un-church like.


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2662 days ago PaigeAmi-MaeWard posted

i like this inuendo because it's SO TRUE. Kneeling is a poweful position. it expresses complete humility and humbleness before God. also, i can see how this can be taken as a sexual pun, very funny!

2661 days ago JoHaywood posted

I think even God has hidden a twisted message here..or maybe the pope is low on buisness and advertising a more twisted submisive position to be a good thing..depends if your praying or saying please!

2607 days ago mandy jayne posted

too true. its either heaven and leaves you shouting for god or bad and sends you to the depths of dispair

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