Posted in Political on February, 05 2003 7:15 PM

During a surgeon's conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, three of the surgeons go out for a drink one evening. The first is American, the second English and the third Zimbabwean.

They start boasting about their surgical abilities. The American says, "Two years ago a man fell into a giant meat mixer, and all that was left of him was his leg. We took him into our lab, created another artificial leg, arms, a body, head, everything. Six months later he went back to work and he was so efficient, he put three peopple out of work!"

"That's nothing", says the English surgeon. "A while back a worker fell into a nuclear reactor. All that was left was his right hand. So we built on an arm, a body, legs, a head,everything. When he wentback to work 6 months later, he was so efficient he put 10 people out of work."

Finally, the Zimbabwean Surgeon looks at his colleagues. " You guys are just amateurs. 20 years ago I was walking down the street and I smelled a fart. I caught it in a jar and took it back to the lab. There, we built an arsehole around it, a torso, and finally a complete body. We called him Robert Mugabe, and he's put the whole bloody country out of work!"


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