Most Intelligent Prime Minister

Posted in Political on May, 15 2003 4:27 AM

A plane was about to crash and there were only three parachutes between the four passengers.

The first man said "I'm Kobe Bryant, Americas most important basketballer, I MUST survive" he then grabbed a parachute and jumped from the plane.

The second man said "I'm Tony Blair, Britains most intelligent ever Prime Minister, I too MUST survive" he grabbed the next parachute & jumped from the plane also.

The third man was the Pope and he turned to the fourth passenger, a ten year old boy, and said "I am old son, my time is nearly up and I believe you have more to offer the world than I do so I shall give you the the third parachute, save yourself."

The ten year old boy replied "Thank you for your offer old man but there's still two left - Britains most intelligent Prime Minister just took my school backpack!"


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