10 things to do at someone else's house

Posted in Practical Jokes on February, 05 2003 7:38 PM

1.Tell them you are going to the toilet and search in their rooms

2.never use their toilet you will be blamed for a floater!

3.never tell them that they should clean up before you arive they will forever insult you about it

4.turn the fridge upside down when they are not there and when they get there tell them you have to go.

5.if you break an ornement remember one thing

6.offer to cook them dinner and then shout to them OH MY GOD YOUR FRIDGE IS UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

7.if you stay the night remember they will know you if have orderd for a porn site to be available

8.never take in a prostitute for the night they will know if they are or not.

9.take in a universal remote control and have some fun when they are watching tv.

10.invite the police round and tell them it's a strip club.


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