Ever Brave, Ever Vigilant, Everett!

Posted in Radio on June, 07 2006 3:04 PM

It's a year for super-heroes: the X-Men, Superman, G-Girl and now the greatest ever is hitting the airwaves again - Captain Kremmen.

I hope I didn't hear a, "Who?"

Kenny Everett was one of the major trailblazers of British comedy on the radio and television. His anarchic, smutty and irreverent sense of humour was responsible for shaping the evolution of British comedy to come.

Part of his appeal was an eclectic array of absurd characters including Sid Snot, Gizzard Puke, Cupid Stunt (careful!) and his Space Captain of the Star Corps, Captain Elvis Brandenburg Kremmen.

Kremmen first appeared on Everett's Saturday lunchtime shows on Capital Radio in 1971 as 5 minute serialisations. The character, his compatriots and adventures became so popular that they were taken with Kenny with each station move to eventually be animated by Cosgrove Hall (the makers of Dangermouse) and aired on The Kenny Everett Video Show in 1978.

Everett sadly died in 1995 but we get the chance to follow Kremmen again. Alongside his sexy assistant Carla and scientific advisor Dr. Heinrich Von Gitfinger as they battle the villainous plans of Gort, leader of the Thargoids because Creation Podcasts (in association with Orange) are broadcasting 49 of the original radio series.

Episodes 1 - 5 are already online and, I assure you, they are all done in the best possible taste.



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