Gervais Is Laud Of The Rings

Posted in Radio on October, 12 2005 10:03 PM

Ricky Gervais 2Ricky Gervais has become the new spokesman for prostate cancer awareness after mocking Jonathon Ross's inability to pronounce 'prostate' properly. He has recorded a radio commercial that is causing some contention with the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre.

The ad has Gervais as a doctor encouraging his patient to undergo a quick examination which will hopefully encourage more men to overcome the embarrassment of the simple procedure, catch the signs of prostate cancer earlier and decrease the number of cancer related deaths.

But the RACC has a problem with a sound effect in the ad which has irked Gervais to no end. He stated, "One of the reasons that people die of cancer is that they don't get themselves checked. One of the reasons they don't get checked is embarrassment over the issue. The radio authority has actually enhanced this as a taboo and put the cause back."

The offending sound is nothing more than a sort of squelchy noise that infers the doctor has, er, well, you know, examined. Listen and judge for yourself at


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