Shearer's Permit Problem

Posted in Radio on July, 19 2006 8:02 AM

Simpsons regular Harry Shearer has been forced to cancel the first of his planned appearances on new Radio 4 comedy show Not Today Thank You due to a problem with his work permit.

His place was taken by Dead Ringers star Mark Perry. Shearer was due to play Nostrils, a self-centered tenant living in the house of a faded radio host, played by Brian Hayes.

Not Today Thank You is a radio show about a washed up radio presenter who tries to broadcast his show from his grandmother's basement.

Shearer is expected to star in the remaining four installments of the programme, and a BBC spokesperson said "We are doing all we can to resolve the problem".

Shearer is best known for his role as bassist Derek Smals in the cult film This Is Spinal Tap. In the Simpsons he voices a number of characters including Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers.

We could suggest that perhaps this is the Home Office flexing it's muscles a little bit at the USA as an act of petty revenge over the 'Natwest 3' situation, although to be honest it's extremely unlikely.


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