The Greatest Essay Ever Written. Ever.

Posted in Real Life on March, 26 2004 9:48 PM

This essay was written by a supposedly able minded 14-year-old. It is a review of a video about lights they watched in an electronics class...can't see them taking it for GCSE.

                                Technology Report

Lights, something universal which is needed for everyday routines such as getting up in the morning, crossing the road it all ties in with every day life.
What I think the that video we watched depicted was the attraction of lights and how it made you feel for instance the attraction to Arcade's you go because you want to play, but the lights that flash and say 'ARCADE' attracts you more.
The video also showed what lights can be used for like advertisement & alerting someone. What I say was a world filled with lights you have you main source the SUN and you little things like lighters.
The need for light is obvious which is shown in the video therefor lights are used for everything, you don't realise the need for lights until you go toPiccadilly Circus, which just jumps out on you. It's dangerous to not have them like when there's an airoplane it needs to see the airport. There's alot of things like visual affects that make you look and it is the lights.

The video did show something and it was the affect it has when you hear an ambulance you think 'I wonder whats happened?' Other than lights there's sound. Sound makes you jump alot of the time you here someone shouting, you here a bugular alarm. The video did show a bit about sound and how it affected you the Radio for example, in the second world war they would inform people by radio, you listen to your favourite music it all is a way with communicating. The smoke alarm makes that beep to communicate with you and tell you your house is on fire. The car the faster you go the more sound you here and you know to change gear. Big Ben you know what time it is because it chimes and lets everyone know.

SECURITY and alarms and sencars (sensors) come into it because that's how it all activates. It helps if you have an alarm because otherwise nothing's going to happen. There's all different forms of it like on railway gates and Automatic doors. There all different sencars like Moisture sencar which detect moisture. Smoke alarms which detects smoke. There's also Light Dependant Resisters (LDR) which detects light. There's things like growing vegetable's or plant's that can't be grown in this country which is used like an inputy output device which is like in comes the heat and out comes the water. Extracter fans which are used in kitchens and bathrooms to get anything you don't want to be blown away. These alot of the time include Intercrated Circuits (IC) which are the circuits inside the alarm.

The two video's were about the nececary need of alarms and lights the importance of it. There is so much that you need like burgular alarms and light bulbs it's very much apart of everyday life. It is so big the world and it's life up but a few hundred years ago there was not any electricity. The video were very weird but you saw what you usaually see when you go to the arcade or hear the ambulance. I saw really little things and really big things which and very complicated things like the circuits and the LDR's on the outside it's simple and really complicated things on the inside.

The circuits are really intricate and a bit to complicated for my liking. The video showed a very simple way of doing it. You also have to remember the legs on the alarm.




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