Slip of the Tongue

Posted in Relationships on April, 30 2004 9:18 PM

This guy walks onto a plane. He has a black eye. When the air hostess shows him to his seat, the man is astonished to find out that the man he is sitting beside also has a black eye.

After a few moments pause, the first man says, "excuse me, but I cant help but think it remarkable that we are sitting beside each other on the same plane, and both have black eyes. What are the chances? Tell me, how did you get your black eye?"

"Well", said the second guy, "It's actually a bit embarassing. Mine was due to a slip of the tongue. When buying my ticket today, I was served by a woman with the largest breasts I've ever seen. I meant to say 'can I have two tickets to Pittsburgh', when by accident I said 'can I have two pickets to Titsburgh'. She was not impressed, and boxed me in the eye."

"That's amazing", said the first guy "mine was caused by a slip of the tongue too! This morning, when I was eating breakfast,  I meant to say to my wife 'Could you please pass the butter darling, when I said 'You fat ugly cow, you've ruined my life!'"


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