Jesus at the pearly gates

Posted in Religion on October, 05 2005 3:33 PM

One day at the pearly gates, Jesus was in charge of accepting people into heaven. Time passed and nothing interesting happened until it was an old mans turn to be accepted. Jesus started to ask the usual questions:

- Hello son, what was you occupation during your time on earth?

- I was a carpenter, the old man replied.

- Really? Jesus started to think back at his old life and got curious, did you have any children?

- Yes, the old man replied, I had a son but he was taken away from me...

Jesus got really curious and asked:

- What did he look like?

- He had holes in his hands and his feet.

Jesus was shocked, leaned closer to the old man and asked:

- Father?

The old man lit up and asked with tears in his eyes:

- Pinocchio?


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