Satan's Three Rooms

Posted in Religion on November, 01 2003 8:09 PM

This guy dies and is sent to Hell. Satan meets him and shows him the doors to three rooms and says he must choose one of the rooms to spend eternity in.

So Satan opens the first door. In the room there are people standing in shit up to their necks. The guy says "no,please show me the next room".

Satan shows him the next room and this has people with shit up to their noses. And so he says no again.

Finally Satan shows him the third and final room. This time there are people in there with shit up to their knees drinking cups of tea and eating cakes. So the guy says I'll choose this room please. Satan says O.K.

The guys is standing in there eating his cake and drinking his tea thinking, "well it could be worse..", when the door opens, Satan pops his head around,and says "O.K. tea-break's over. Back on your heads."


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