The Christian Bear

Posted in Religion on December, 19 2003 1:11 PM

One day a priest decided to go for a walk in the woods. Not long after he set out though, a huge grizzly bear started to chase him. He ran and ran as fast as he could, but the hiking boots he had on did not allow much speed. Suddenly he tripped over a rock and lay sprawling on the ground, the bear only steps behind him.

Knowing escape was impossible, the priest started to pray. "God," he wispered, "Please, oh please save me. Let this be a good, god fearing, Christian bear. Please, god, let this bear be a Christian bear!"  

Suddenly all was silent. The man slowly turned his head and peered cautiously behind him. To his surprise, the bear was Kneeling with his eyes closed and his hands folded. Then the priest heard the bear say in a soft voice, "Dear Lord in heaven, thankyou for this bountiful feast you have layed before me....."



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