The Priest and the Drunk

Posted in Religion on December, 26 2003 2:36 PM

A drunk was staggering back from the  pub one night when he came across a batism taking place in the river. He wanted a closer look and hazily walked right up to the river bank. The pracher saw him and, seeing the inebriated state he was in,decided to save his soul!

He grabbed the drunk,plunging him into the icey water and praying in a loud voice! He lifted his head and asked "now brother... have you found the Lord this day?"  "No!" replies the man! The preacher ,taken aback plunges the drunk under the freezing water again.

After a time he lets him up again, and asks in a louder voice,if he has yet found the Lord!! To his horror the answer comes back again! "NO!" Outraged the preacher puts him upder the water for a third time and holds him there for a good minute or so! He drags the poor wretch out of the river and shouts "Now, my fallen and unredeemed brother... for the love of god,have you found the Lord?!" the man replies...

"NO!.... are you sure this is where he fell in?!"


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