Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Pamela Anderson
Cert: 15
Released 2nd November

Kazakhstan's number one television presenter, Borat (Baron Cohen), is on a mission to travel to America in an attempt to discover what aspects of their lifestyle it is that makes their country so great and, hopefully, bring them back to Kazakhstan.

He takes his producer, Azamat, along for company and to keep an eye on the budget. Things are going great in New York until Borat discovers Baywatch and Pamela Anderson. He decrees there and then to travel to California to make her his wife.

He convinces Azamat that is where they will find real America and make the long road trip in an ice-cream van, stopping to experience snippets of Americana along the way.

Yeah. I'm a bit late jumping on this band wagon but since it's still doing really well at the cinemas I thought I'd drop in my penneth worth.

Singularly the best 'laugh out loud' film I have seen this year. Not necessarily the funniest in terms of wit and joke hit-rate but a film I could not help but laugh at.

The best thing about Borat is that it is incredibly clever and can be appreciated from many levels. There are the ignoramuses in the world who can laugh at the silly 'Johnny Foreigner' making an arse of himself in civilised society. There's a gross-out, Jackass element because you know this is just a man setting himself up for some - at times, downright dangerous - situations. Standing in the middle of a packed Texan stadium singing 'all other countries are run by little girls' to the tune of the American national anthem could be considered suicidal.

But above all that is the irony that Baron Cohen is using a parody figure to exploit others' intolerance and foolishness. In this case, it just happens to be a selection of Americans.

He also goes out of his way to ridicule himself - a naked fight left me disgusted, uncomfortable and desperate for breath from laughing so hard. For this scene along is the entire film worth seeing.


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