Film Review: Jersey Girl

Posted in Reviews on June, 25 2004 6:14 PM

Jersey GirlStarring: Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, George Carlin

Cert: 12a

Released:18th June 2004


Ben is a successful publicist in New York who falls for Jennifer Lopez, marries, gets pregnant and then she dies giving birth to a daughter. So far so good. Ben, being your average selfish, yuppie bloke tries to palm his baby on his dad (Carlin) and continue his busy, hedonistic life with disastrous results. He loses his job, is shunned by the profession and has to move to New Jersey with his dad.


Seven years later and he’s a street cleaner, his daughter is beyond cute and he starts talking to the girl who works at the video store ( Tyler ). Then he gets the chance to get a job back in the city which would disrupt everyone around him.


This is the latest offering from Kevin Smith and the team that gave us Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back et al and his first (and last?) detraction from the characters and knob joke humour that has made him popular.


Jersey girl has its humorous moments and the acting is good (Carlin specifically) but it is laced with every plot contrivance ever imagined. Busy father forced to look after child, does so well but doesn’t see things going wrong (the cardinal sin of missing the child’s pageant) when he gets chance to return to old life. He gets to tell child off and then child gets to use same speech back later. Moral: why would you want money when you have a cute kid? Ugh, it hurts.


I am a big Smith fan and that’s why I am negative about this film. Objectively, I suppose, it’s a lot better than any of the formulaic rom-coms around at the moment. So go see it if you have no expectations and want a ‘nice’, funny film. Don’t see this film if you’re expecting a couple of doped up bums doing nothing and talking about gay-monkey-sex.


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