Film Review: You, Me And Dupree

Posted in Reviews on August, 28 2006 9:39 PM

Film Review: You, Me And Dupree
Starring: Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Michael Douglas
Cert: 12A
Released: 25th August 2006

Carl (Dillon) and Molly (Hudson) are newlyweds, excited about starting their new life together.

Things don't go according to plan when Carl's best friend, Randy Dupree (Wilson) runs into some bad luck and needs a place to crash for a while.

Carl's boss (and father-in-law), Bob (Douglas) doesn't help matters as it slowly becomes apparent that he is not happy about the couple's union.

Wilson is playing his usual spaced-out role; this time encompassing one of life's losers and general muck-ups. Everyone he touches becomes tainted with his curse.

Dillon plays the part that is normally written for Ben Stiller, the put-upon everyman who nobody believes is being victimised until the final reel.

It's predictable and feels like it's all been seen before but for that reason is easy to fall into and enjoy.

There are a few choice moments that largely include Dupree's anatomy, bodily functions, sexual ardour and Hudson's reactions to them but, overall, is not a comedy classic of our time.

The chicken wings thing was greatly exaggerated.


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