Mario & Maria

Posted in Sex on December, 05 2004 9:31 PM

Mario and Maria end up in the divorce court. the Judge extremely surprised at an Italian divorce.He calls on Maria, "Maria, why do you want a divorce?"  Wella Judge, itsa lika dis,Mario is a verya dirtya man, he alawaysa picka hissa nose, and alaso a judge, he never a letta me on a top.

The Judge then calls Mario, "Mario the things Maria says are pretty important, so what have you got to say for yourself?"

 "Well itsa lika this ajudge, when I was a little afella my poppa he say to me, now we have emigrated to a beautifula country you must maka sure that you get on with da peoples, you musta alawaysa keepa your nosa clean and never fuck up." 


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