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Posted in Sex on June, 06 2004 9:13 AM

The happy couple married and the girl had a hope-chest which she asked her new husband to never open, as it was something she treasured dearly. For years it sat in the wardrobe locked tight and the husband, while always curious at his wife's unusual request, respected her wishes.

Many years passed and still he never attempted to open the chest, until one day, whilst at home alone, he decided that enough was enough and he went to the chest and slowly opened it. To his dismay, it was full of coins and notes, there must have been thousands of dollars, but the strangest thing of all was there were three eggs sitting in the chest as well.  He quickly closed the chest without disturbing a thing.

That night he confessed, out of guilt, that he had opened the chest and had seen all the money. That was no problem, but what on earth was she doing with three eggs in there."Well," the wife said,"I suppose you should know the truth."  " Each egg represents an affair I had with other men."

"That's not so bad" said the husband, "because I have had the occassional fling myself, but what about all that money?"

"Well" she said, "Each time I get a dozen, I sell them."


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