Vicars wife

Posted in Sex on December, 07 2004 11:40 PM

A vicar is getting ready at home just prior to giving the local women's institute a speech on the subject of sex. Just as he is about to leave his wife asked him what he is going to speak about. Being a little shy he tells her the subject is off shore sailing.

He goes on to give his speech which went down very well. A couple of days later the vicars wife is doing some shopping in the local village and is surprised by how many women congratuled her on the vicars speech.

Eventually she bumps into the chairlady of the women's institute and again she is extremely complimentary on her husbands speech. The vicars wife tells the chairlady. "I have to confess I'm surprised his speech went down so well because he has only done it twice, the first time he was sick and the second time his hat blew off."


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