New Liverpool Striker

Posted in Sports on February, 14 2006 1:45 PM

Benitez sent scouts out around the world looking for a new striker to replace Michael Owen who had gone to Newcastle.One of the scouts informs him of a young Iraqi striker who he thinks w ...
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Horseing around at Cricket

Posted in Sports on November, 24 2004 5:38 PM

A horse was playing it's first cricket match and was belting 6's all over the ground. Then his partner took the strike, hit a single and dashed up the pitch but the horse just stood there. "Run, r ...
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Death on the Golf Course

Posted in Sports on May, 12 2004 8:56 PM

A guy comes home from golfing, and his wife asks him how it went.  "Well, we were doing fine until Bob had a heart attack and died on the fourth hole..."  "Oh my god, that's terri ...
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Scottish Man at Baseball Game

Posted in Sports on April, 18 2004 11:01 AM

A Scottish tourist at his first baseball game... A Scottish tourist attended his first baseball game in the US and after a base hit he hears the fans roaring "Run....Run!" The next batter connec ...
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Divine Golf

Posted in Sports on February, 29 2004 9:29 AM

Moses and Jesus were in a threesome playing golf one day. Mosespulled up to the tee and drove a long one. The ball landed inthe fairway, but rolled directly toward a water hazard. QuicklyMoses r ...
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Hunting Club Member

Posted in Sports on January, 08 2004 12:09 PM

Two new hunting club members are taking a tour of the lodge. The man showing them around says, "See that old man asleep in the chair by the fireplace? He is our oldest member and can fell you so ...
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G'day Knoblers

Posted in Sports on December, 21 2003 1:52 PM

Did you hear that Durex have shut their offices in Sydney? Apparently it only takes one Johnny to fuck Australia! ...
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Man U fans

Posted in Sports on December, 19 2003 5:10 PM

Q. How many Manchester united fans does it take to change a lightbulb? A. Just one but you have to pick the f*cker up from Kent. ...
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