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Posted in Stand Up on June, 14 2006 11:04 AM

Perrier have announced their decision to stop sponsoring the comedy awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year.

It is an end to the 25-year association of the two where a Perrier Award has become one of the highest accolades to attain within the comedy industry.

Previous winners include the Cambridge Footlights (including Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tony Slattery and Emma Thompson) in the first year, 1981.

Then, also, Jeremy Hardy (1988), Sean Hughes (1990), Frank Skinner (1991), Steve Coogan (1992 & Harry Hill as Best Newcomer), Lee Evans (1993), Dylan Moran (1996), Laura Solon, unbeknownst to herself, took the last one (2005). And of course a whole host of others between those years AND the Newcomer awards.

The new sponsors are the Scottish banking firm, Intelligent Finance who have named the new awards the if.comeddies.

Just rolls off the tongue, that one.


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3939 days ago JoHaywood posted

Tut! French once again..typicaly give up and do a runner when true British Comedey sails our turf with more class glass quality than any french faux fur fat cat..two words Frenches! 02 Arena!..without your fizz bom bom water.."if.comeddies"..hmmmm itle grow on me..xjo

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