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Posted in Stand Up on June, 10 2006 9:12 AM

Amongst the summer festival circuit, most of the big names are well known. Glastonbury, Reading, Donnington for the heavy rock fans and so on.

One of the less well known festivals is Guilfest, taking place not too far from London in the South of the country at Guilford.

As is customary, in addition to three days of music they also have a comedy tent - and here's the line up you can expect.

Friday 14th July - James Dowdeswell, Brian Damagge and Krysstal, Matt Kirshen, Rex Boyd, Craig Campbell and compere Andy Smart.

Saturday 15th - Tom Stade, Angie McEvoy, James Branch, George Egg, Steve Day, Tom Bell and compere Danny James.

Sunday 16th - Milton Jones, Patrick Monahan, Pierre Hollins, Neil Price, Jon Richardson and compere Martin Davis.

Those with links take to reviews, by the way. Aren't we helpful?

The bands playing over the three days include Embrace, The Wonder Stuff, the Lightning Seeds, Aha, Gary Numan, Billy Idol, The Stranglers, Stereo MC's, Blue Oyster Cult and Sandi Thom.



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