Lee Evans Is Big At Christmas!

Posted in Stand Up on January, 06 2006 11:34 AM

Lee Evans 2Lee Evans scored a Christmas No.1 with his new DVD XL. Fresh from appearing in Mel Brooks The Producers, he embarked on a UK National Tour - and this DVD is your chance to see it for yourself.

Over the Xmas period, estimates showed the DVD sold around half a million copies, almost certainly a record for a stand-up gig.

Evans now also holds the Guiness World Record for Largest Audience At A Stand-Up Gig, with just over 10,000 people attending his Manchester performance. However, Eddie Izzard claims he has box office receipts showing he played to 13,000 at the same venue. That performance was not verified by the Guiness Records people, and as such remains unofficial.

We at Funny.co.uk personally hope that, in a spirit of friendly competition, Eddie Izzard can be persuaded to go out on tour again to record an official figure. Not that we've anything against Lee Evans, of course. We wouldn't say anything bad about Lee Evans. He's friends with Jackie Chan.


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