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Posted in Stand Up on June, 30 2006 8:42 AM

We have news of the line-ups for the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals. No, not the bands - but the comedians!

Like all the best summer festivals these days, the Carling Weekend festival has a comedy tent. Over the years they've had some well-known names, and some that have gone on to be well-known names, so if you happen to be there it's worth taking in an act or two. You might be seeing them on TV in six months.

Friday 25th August at Reading has Alan Carr, Simon Anstell, Simon Evans, Adam Bloom, Matt Blaize, Ben Norris, Stephano Paulino and Steve Gribbin.

Saturday 26th August features Stewart Lee, Ben Hurley, Rob Rouse, Rick Right, Hugh Lennon, Jason John Whitehead, Markus Birdman, Jason Rouse and Rob Deering.

Sunday 27th August stars Russel Brand, Reverend Obodiah Steppenwolf III, Brendan LoveGrove and Angelo Tsaroushas - with more set to be announced.

The Leeds line up is also pretty good, with Adam Hills, Patrick Monahan, Al Pitcher, Jim Jeffries, Jason John Whitehead, Hugh Lennon, Markus Birdman, John Bishop, Jason Rouse and Rob Deering on the Friday.

Saturday brings you Alan Carr, Andrew Bird, Jon Richardson, Lloyd Langford, Ben Norris, Stephano Paulino, Jason Manford, Cole Park, Matt Baize and Steve Gribbin.

And finally Sunday brings you Stewart Lee, Simon Amstell, Mitch Benn, Rob Rouse, Mick Ferry, Yianni Agisilauo, Barry Castagnaio, Toby Foster and the Dog Eared Comedy Sketch Club.

Confirmed bands for the festival include Pearl Jam, Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Belle & Sebastian, Muse, The Streets and the Artic Monkeys.


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