Air plane

Posted in Stupid People on January, 02 2006 3:53 PM

Three men were taking a trip on a plane.  When they get on the pilot tells the passengers not to throw anything out of the windows.  The plane lifts off and they're on their way.  On the plane the first man finds a pencil and wondering what to do with it he is told by one of the other men to throw it out the window, so he does.  Then the second guy finished his apple and wondering how to get rid of the core he asks the other two men, they tell him to throw it out the window, so he does.  Next the third man finds a grenade! Panicking he throws it out the window.

After the plane had landed the three men were walking down the street when they came across a guy holding his eye.  The three men asked him what happened, he said he had looked up in the sky and a pencil fell and hit him in the eye.  So the three men continued down the street and they come across a man holding his head, the three ask him what's wrong?  The man says that he was walking down the street and an apple core fell on his head!  Feeling a little strange the men continue down the street when they come across a man holding his stomach lauging his head off!  The three ask him what's so funny? The man replies, I farted and that building exploded!


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