Never take on a bet drunk

Posted in Stupid People on November, 21 2004 9:15 PM

A man walks into a bar and notices a huge jar full of money hanging above the cash register. The man asks the bartender, " Whats with all the money?"

The bartender says," Well, we have this bet on. To enter for this bet, you have to pay us £5000 (hence all the money). If you win the bet, you win the money. No-one's won it yet. Care to have a go."

The man thinks, then says yes. He hands over the £5000 and then asks the bartender what the bet is.

The bartender says," First you have to down a bottle of vodka in one, then there's a vicious bulldog outside which needs a tooth pulling. Once you've done that, there's a 90 year-old woman upstairs who needs 'seeing to'.

The man downs the bottle of vodka in one, then goes outside where the vicious dog is. From inside the pub, they could here shouts of "Ouch!" and "Oh, your a little bastard aren't you?!" The man then comes into the pub and says to the bartender, "Right then, where's the 90 year-old woman who needs a tooth pulling?"


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