Three Men In a Sack

Posted in Stupid People on October, 05 2005 3:26 PM

The Year Is 1915, The An English Man, An Irish Man, And a Scots Man are all in a German Prison. Finally they find a chance to escape.

As they attempt to escape they discover the germans are chasing them, so they dive into a room and each of them hides in a sack.

One german enters the room and gives the sack the english man is in a little nudge and shouts "Who's In There?" The English Man then goes "Woof Woof" The German Then says "Oh, it's only a dog"

The German then walks over to the sack the scotsman is in and gives that a litytle nudge and shouts "Who's In there?" the scots man then says "Meow" The German then says "Oh It's Only A Cat"

The German then gives the sack the irish man is in a little nudge and shouts "who's in there?"

The Irish Man Then Shouts "POTATOES!!"


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