Brooks Lives Again! Again!

Posted in Theatre on April, 10 2006 8:07 PM

Young FrankensteinIt was bound to happen because the one big problem with having a successful adaptation/remake is that the party responsible feels obliged to jump on their own bandwagon when they're already on it. Unfortunately, not getting off until said bandwagon has defiled every piece of glorious history in its path.

Of course this could be considered an incredibly cynical outlook and one could say that the party in question might be riding the crest of a wave of creative genius; repackaging a classic for the benefit of a new generation of audience.

Let's review the evidence.

In 1968 Mel Brooks created the hilarious film, The Producers, for which he won an Oscar. In 2004 he brought new life to the film (and his career) by adapting it into a stage musical which has gone on to win lots of awards, make loads of money and, in turn, get adapted into a film.

Now Brooks has announced that he wishes to do the same with another of his most popular films, Young Frankenstein - the tale of the original Dr Frankenstein's grandson (Gene Wilder) inheriting the family castle and the secrets of returning life to the dead.

If we take the optimistic outlook then this could be a project well worth waiting for. However, my view is that even if Young Frankenstein is a hit on stage then it would only lead the way to Brooks considering adapting some of his other work. Blazing Saddles? Fair enough. Silent Movie? Could be interesting. Robin Hood: Men In Tights? Oh dear god, no.


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