Evil Dead: The Musical

Posted in Theatre on July, 19 2006 5:31 PM

Some films were destined to become stage musicals (see: The Producers) some were not (see: Lestat) and some are just plain weird choices that make you think, 'Yeah, okay. I can see that working. Sort of,' (see: Spamalot).

The latest celluloid classic to be converted to the smell of greasepaint is Sam Raimi's blacker-than-black, genre clashing, hilarious horror trilogy The Evil Dead.

The musical seems to be sticking quite closely to the films with Ash (originally played by Bruce Campbell) and friends staying at a desolate cottage and then they unintentionally release an ancient evil force by reciting scripts from a human flesh-bound book, The Necronomicon.

However, instead of leaving it all up to Ash and chainsaw to save the day, it seems that all the friends will play their part in destroying the Deadites. Blood will fly and limbs shall be rent asunder all to the lilting tunes of such numbers as, 'All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons,' 'Hail to the King,' and, 'What the F**k Was That?'

The show will be hitting New York in October and will only progress from there if it does rather well. Anyone lucky enough to get to see it should be wary because the front three rows of seats are being dubbed The Splatter Zone.


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