Pub Landlord on Tour

Posted in Theatre on May, 08 2006 8:05 PM

Watch out - the Pub Landlord is on the road and looking for banter.

Al Murray, the comedian who both invented and plays the character, is starting at the Lyric Theate in the West End of London before heading off to tour most of the UK.

He often bases the first section of his show on the banter he has with the audience.

"I wouldn't want to sit in the front row of one of my shows", said Al.

It had been a previous problem that people confused Al Murray (the comedian) with The Pub Landlord (the character) but apparently since appearing on ITV's Hell's Kitchen that's all calmed down a bit.

The hard-working Mr Murray has also found time to record a tongue-in-cheek World Cup song, release a new DVD and do a tour of the USA.


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