Three tins of food

Posted in Toilet Humour on May, 09 2005 7:33 AM

An old lady goes into a supermarket and takes 3 tins of cat food and walks up to the checkout to pay. "No, I can't sell them to you," said the woman at the checkout. "Why not?" asked the ol ...
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Convenience Store Shopping

Posted in Toilet Humour on June, 11 2004 8:30 PM

A man walks into a convenience store to buy shaving cream, he asks the clerk where to find it; he replies “Isle 3”.  The man retrieves the cream walks to the counter to pay for ...
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No Paper

Posted in Toilet Humour on May, 24 2004 8:30 PM

Two men are occupying booths in a public restroom, when one calls to the other, "There is no toilet paper over here, do you have any over there?" The second man replies, "No, sorry, I don't seem ...
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Conversation In The Men's Room

Posted in Toilet Humour on October, 11 2003 4:43 PM

I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying: "Hi, how are you?" I'm not the type to start a conversation in the men's restrooms at a rest stop but, I don't know ...
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Why men look straight ahead when havin a pee

Posted in Toilet Humour on August, 01 2003 12:57 AM

A man is having a pee in a pub toilet and next to him is a man standing at the urinal but without any arms.  So feeling obliged he says, "Can you manage?"   The man says "Would y ...
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Why Is It...

Posted in Toilet Humour on February, 06 2003 12:30 AM

Why do farts smell? It's so as deaf people can enjoy them as well! ...
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Posted in Toilet Humour on February, 06 2003 12:29 AM

If a bra is a upper topper flopper stopper, and a jock strap is a lower decker peker checker, and golden toylet paper is a super duper pooper skooper. Then what is a Japanise boxers father who has ...
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Toilet Paper Mr Spock

Posted in Toilet Humour on February, 06 2003 12:28 AM

Why is Star Trek the same as Toilet paper? Because they both circle Uranus looking for Klingons ...
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