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Posted in TV, Radio & Film on April, 13 2004 12:21 PM

David Walliams When you first step through the virtual front door of David you could be forgiven for thinking you had entered the official website of the "Little Britain " and "Rock Profiles" star.  You have actually arrived at a fan-run site of the highest order.  The small note to this effect on the front page suggests they have probably had more than a few people make this mistake before.

To call this site thorough would be an understatement.  We might be wrong, but we would risk a fair wager that 99% of any information that has ever reached the public about David and his shows is probably right here!

With interviews, links, galleries, biographies, dedicated show sections, frequently asked questions, news, gossip and loads more, it's quite easy to find yourself lost under several levels of links, especially as some pages only appear to be accessible via links within the content of other pages.

Aside from these minor navigation quibbles, that could probably be eliminated with the addition of an extra sub-menu for each main section, this really is an excellent resource for fans of David Walliams or anything he has appeared in, and if you do find yourself lost under piles of information then the quality is such that we're sure you won't really mind!


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2383 days ago Tish posted

I love David Walliams. His humour is fantastic and he is the funniest person on television. I am 63yrs old and I love his books for children, I have just finished reading Gangsta Granny. He is the best on BGT, he is the person I would most love to meet before I die.

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