Evicted By My Fridge

Posted in Written by Funny.co.uk on January, 26 2006 6:57 PM

I've just been evicted...by my fridge. It all started when I got the new Tivo (tm) system for my TV. I'd already happily been watching Sky for several years, but I'd heard about this new system ...
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A Guide to Fox Hunting

Posted in Written by Funny.co.uk on January, 02 2004 6:35 PM

  Fox Hunting Your Questions Answered What is Fox Hunting? Most of us have heard of Fox Hunting, and have probably developed strong opinions about it.  Some of these opinions a ...
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Guide to Africa

Posted in Written by Funny.co.uk on September, 06 2003 7:01 PM

History of Africa Africa was discovered in the late seventeenth century when English explorers acidentally arrived on one of it's beaches and stuck a flag in the sand.  There had, of cours ...
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Grocery Shopping Online

Posted in Written by Funny.co.uk on July, 16 2003 9:56 PM

The advent of online shopping sites, such as Tesco.com has no doubt changed the way we shop.  For example, the internet now means that we can do the weekly supermarket shopping in our under ...
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Posted in Written by Funny.co.uk on July, 06 2003 3:20 AM

"Chess." We've all heard of it, but how many of us really know what it is. We thought that it was about time we set the record straight. Basically "Chess" is when two people in thick NHS glass ...
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The Matrix : Reloaded Behind the Scenes inside Exclusive   In this special report we look behind the scenes at the new Matrix Reloaded film. Sets & Locations One of the largest sce ...
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How to Behave

Posted in Written by Funny.co.uk on May, 22 2003 10:22 PM

How To Behave Although many of us are unaware of it, we, as human beings, act differently depending on the situation we are in. Our situation dictates such things as our level of formal ...
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Technology For All

Posted in Written by Funny.co.uk on May, 17 2003 7:17 PM

THE MUSIC SYSTEM:  What is a music system? A music system is a clever electrical device which allows you to hear a band playing music in the comfort of your own home without them a ...
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