She Caught me in her Knicker Drawer

Posted in Written by Our Readers on July, 16 2003 7:28 PM

She caught me in her knicker drawer, I woulda run, but she blocked the door. This awkward scenario I hadn't planned, Caught with her knickers in my hand, And with a pair upon my head, Jumping up a ...
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One or Two Pints Sir?

Posted in Written by Our Readers on July, 08 2003 6:39 PM

Unfortunately, if i ever told my father of why our latest house-cleaner never returned after the first day, he'd probably believe me. The first left thinking she was in a nut house, it wasn't m ...
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Annihilate the Lollypop People

Posted in Written by Our Readers on June, 22 2003 3:42 PM

Living in halls three miles away from my uni, walking the half an hour journey to University becomes an accepted daily occurrence. I don't mind the walk, but what really bewilders me is the ...
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Turmoil rocked Heaven this morning as allegations arose that God had had an affair with a former worshipper. The scandal was begun when a 21 year old woman, known only as Mary, claimed that she ...
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It's strange the things that occupy your mind at the most unlikely moments. It first struck me while I was sitting at my wife's bedside at the first twinges of childbirth. You know the twinges I ...
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The Love and Hate of Art Garfunkel

Posted in Written by Our Readers on May, 30 2003 10:20 AM

I was born 56 years ago, but I was too young to remember where. My mother was a right old cow, she was a lollipop lady and my dear old dad (now deceased-bless him) was a magistrate and a very go ...
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