Better than lubricant

Posted in Yuck! on September, 19 2003 11:42 PM

One day Jimmy, Billy, and Sally, were in the desert late at night and their car broke down. Sally and Billy were the best friends out of all three, and Jimmy was the tag-along. So Sally and Billy decided to make Jimmy go ring a doorbell and ask if they can spend the night. So Jimmy walks up to this old run down house and an old lady opens up. He tells her the situation and she says "sure you can stay, but you have to sleep with me first." So Jimmy decides that it's better than being stung by scorpions outside and start's making love to her. Jimmy is having problems having sex with the old woman: "it's too dry"  Jimmy tells the old lady. "Okay I'll be back" and the old lady went to the bathroom. When she came back they started making love again. "wow this is great! what did you do?" "Oh,"says the old lady "I just picked my scabs."


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