Three Nurses and a Dead Doctor

Posted in Yuck! on August, 16 2003 4:41 PM

The Doctor is lying dead in the morgue. Three nurses go down with another unlucky victim. They see the doctor lying there and think that they would like to have one  last bit of fun w ...
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Posted in Yuck! on May, 16 2003 11:15 PM

One day there was three people lost in the forest for 2 weeks. Their names were Bob, Jill and James. During this time they ran out of food and search all around to find it. They to a house old ...
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Women Trouble

Posted in Yuck! on February, 07 2003 1:06 AM

One day there were 3 blokes in the bar and they were all depressed. The bar man goes over to them and says "What's the matter? women trouble?" They all go "yeah." The bar man says "Go home and d ...
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Leper In A Bar

Posted in Yuck! on February, 07 2003 1:05 AM

A man goes into a bar and asks for shots of drinks, he has a shot of tequila then vomits. He has another then vomits and he does this several times. A leper comes over and says "I'm sorry if my ap ...
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Posted in Yuck! on February, 07 2003 1:04 AM

What did the Leper say to the Prostitute ? You can keep the tip ..... ...
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Cream biscuit

Posted in Yuck! on February, 07 2003 1:04 AM

A lady and her son were walking down the street one day, and there was a used condom in the gutter. "Whats that mummy?" asked the boy. "Um, thats a cream buscuit dear" replied the mother. A little ...
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Bad Husband

Posted in Yuck! on February, 07 2003 1:03 AM

There was once this happily married old couple, well, they were happy apart from one thing, the husband's bad habbit of breaking wind every morning. On their 30th wedding anniversary, the wife wok ...
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Posted in Yuck! on February, 07 2003 1:02 AM

A publican is shutting for the night when there is a knock at the door. When he answers, a tramp asks him for a tooth-pick. He gives him the tooth-pick and tramp goes off. A few minutes later ther ...
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